Using InfoBlox for F5 vIP allocation in vRA./vRO

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Currently, we have integrated Infoblox with vRA (version 7.3) via Infoblox plugin v4.3 to allocate IP for VM.


We have new requirement to use vRA/vRO with F5 vRA plugin to provide LBaaS. To allocate F5 vIP automatically, we want to leverage the Infoblox IPAM as well.


Any clue how to do it? Thanks

Re: Using InfoBlox for F5 vIP allocation in vRA./vRO

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The workflows installed as part of the plugin installation can be called during your f5 allocation. You might be able to accomplish this by attaching the Infoblox property group to the blueprint for your f5 setup.




Re: Using InfoBlox for F5 vIP allocation in vRA./vRO

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Infoblox had a IPAM Plugin for vRealize Orchestrator that extends the IPAM integration with vRA. Inside of it you have an workflow used to return the Next Available IP from a network previously provided as an Input parameter or argument. You can use a custom vRO Workflow combine the "Next Available IP" workflow from IPAM Plugin and the workflows used by vRO to create the F5 Virtual Server.


Are you using third-party plugins on Orchestrator to integrate F5 with vRA (like Blue Medora)? As far as I know, there's not native integration for LBaas services (like we have with Infoblox IPAM+vRA) that do not use vRO Workflows/Software Components as a backend.




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