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Bloxfest Event Question

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   I had a question regarding Bloxfest. Will there be events for future roadmaps/way aheads for the product lines? Will there be a way to submit suggestions for products, or 'like to see' features for products during the event?


Thank you,


Re: Bloxfest Event Question

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Hello Jerry -


Thanks for your question.  Future roadmap and direction are among the most requested presentations at our event.


There will be lots of opportunities to get that type of information at BloxFest.  There will be main stage presentations on our strategy and breakout sessions presented by Infoblox product managers who will talk about new and upcoming features.  You will have a chance to talk directly with product managers and submit feature requests.


If you have a feature request you want to put in now, please let me know and I'll get you connected with the right product managers even sooner!

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