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customer voting on features

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It would be great if Infoblox had a system for the customers to be able to vote on features. Something similar to what does

Re: customer voting on features

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Hello, avshch!


As far as I know, Infoblox has an open communication channel (via your sales representative) to receive requests for enhancements from customers. 


I have used it sometimes on behalf of my customers. But based on my experience, most of their requests are, in fact, to create a "breach" in NIOS to do configuration that can possibly bring more headaches than solve a problem or a point "not addressed" by its current implementation.


I have done several migrations, from BIND/MS DNS/DHCP to Infoblox and sometimes it's hard to understand the mess and convince the customer that he's doing DNS/DHCP in a erroneous way or to convince him that do something in our way is the most appropriate for the scenario. In most cases, the customer wants an "enhancement" from Infoblox to solve a problem but ends up creating a new (bigger) one.




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