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Feature Request

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There are a couple of feature requests that we would like added to the GUI of the Grid Master.


1.  We would like the ability to filter the "Comment" field by "contains".  Data Management> IPAM > IPAM Home > IPv4 Network Container.   If we had the filter option, we could easily generate lists based upon the different sections in the name BLG-Type-Vlan


2.  Mac addresses on Cisco switch use a different format than the standard.  We would like to search by xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx too (i.e. search on either dot or colon notation). 

Re: Feature Request

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For any feature requests, you will need to open a case with Infoblox Support and they will be more than happy to get these submitted on your behalf for you.

Re: Feature Request

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So do these feature requests ever actually get actioned!?  Its been years now...

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