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I can not find the vlan name from the interfaces

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hello I want to receive the name of the vlan membership of an interface (e.g. client-vlan). I despair. here is my code to receive the vlan name. With this code i do not reveive any results. If I remove the interfaceID operation, I get all vlans from the device. But I want only the vlan from the interface port. Could anybody heldp? #should find vlan membership from interface my @array = $client->broker->VlanMember->find( op_DeviceID => '=', val_c_DeviceID => $device->DeviceID, op_InterfaceID => '=', val_c_InterfaceID => $ifaddr->InterfaceID , select => [qw( VlanName VlanID)], ); # print the results foreach my $vlanName (@array) { print $vlanName->VlanName . "\n"; } Thanks for help. Francis
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