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Unable to access External Server

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Currently troubleshooting on why my Reports are not being exported to our SCP server. We have a task that runs every hour, but when I look at our SCP server, I don't see those files. 

How to I veiw the infoblox.log file to see if the Reports are being exported or if there is any indication that a connection is being made or being rejected.


Any help will be grealty appreciated. 

Re: Unable to access External Server

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Please correct me if I am wrong but to view your logs you would


Step 1. SSH/Console into Grid Master


Step 2. First command to locate log -> cd /var/log/infoblox


Step 3.Command to view log file -> cat infoblox.log


If you would like to search for specific key words use the 'grep' command such as

grep "SCP" infoblox.log





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