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Use of term Grid Master

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Within our organisation we avoid the ues of terms master/slave whitelist/balck list etc. This is to help reduce unconcious bias and be a re more inclusive organisation.

Although you dont use the word 'slave' you do seem to continue with the term master, is this something you can address. There are lots of alternatives


Re: Use of term Grid Master

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Thank you for the very important question. We at Infoblox absolutely believe in doing everything we can to reduce unconscious bias and be a more inclusive organization when it comes to our employees as well as our customers and partners. To that effect, we have started the work to roll out changes in the following areas: product UI, documentation, CLI, APIs, marketing collateral and website. Changes to terms include the following:


  • All instances of “Whitelist/Blacklist” will be changed to “allow list/block list”. 
  • All instances of “Master/Slave” DNS zones will be changed to “primary/secondary”.
  • All instances of “Grid Master” will be changed to “Grid Manager”.

You will see these changes being rolled out in the coming months.

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