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About the products you can evaluate - a short introduction to DDI, Reporting and Network Insight.

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Infoblox TrinzicTM DDI is the world’s leading appliance-based, integrated DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) product bundle. Trinzic DDI provides a full array of network services including DNS, DHCP, DNSSEC, FTP, and more. Trinzic DDI runs on special-purpose, security-hardened physical and virtual appliances. While the appliances operate standalone, they can be configured into an Infoblox GridTM for unparalleled 99.999% availability, scalability, manageability, and security. Trinzic DDI also is greatly enhanced via add-on products such as the Infoblox Report Server and the Infoblox Load Balancer Manager. Trinzic DDI seamlessly integrates with partner offerings such as Microsoft DNS/DHCP servers.
Trinzic Reporting delivers robust reporting capabilities within the same Infoblox platform and interface that lets you slice and dice the data in many different formats quickly and easily. You can find the exact information you are looking for — by dates, by locations and by numerous other definable parameters. Most importantly, because the platform’s detailed, customizable views are based on individual responsibility, Trinzic Reporting adds key value and immediate rewards for multiple audiences, which makes payback and ROI rapid and immediately demonstrable.
Infoblox Network Insight
Network Insight delivers network intelligence by integrating (in real-time) DNS, DHCP, and IPAM data with network infrastructure data, providing visibility across your entire network. The collection and correlation of this data enables network administrators to easily gather necessary information, analyze it, then take appropriate actions to better manage their networks, validate designs, effectively provision, troubleshoot and deliver network services. Network Insight improves decision making, reduces security and service interruption risk, and breaks down operational silos.

For more information about the products you can evalute, click here.

If you are looking to evaluate a higher capacity or a hardware appliance please reach out to your local account manager, or submit a request.


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