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Not understanding the lack of automation ...

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I'm struggling to understand HOW ipam express is better than my Excel spreadsheet:


Issue 1: After running the discovery, IPAM Express shows NO details about each IP. I have to click on the IP Address, then click 'Convert to Host' then click 'OK'. Only then, will I see the information about the device on that IP.


Issue 2: You cannot do a bulk convert to host. So I have to click on each IP, click the Convert to Host button, then click OK ... 250 times.


Issue 3: I haven't tried this yet, but another user posted a comment on this newsgroup that he changed the IP Address of one of his machines, but IPAM Express didn't notice. He had to delete the IP, then add it under the new IP.


Unless I am missing something, there are freeware apps readily available that work like you would expect. I'm really disappointed in IPAM Express so far.


(By the way ... I emailed infoblox for support. I got 8 read receipts from 8 DIFFERENT people at infoblox. No kidding. This means 8 people received my email. The ONLY reply I got back was from a guy that only wanted to SELL me something)

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