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Remote networks discovery

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I've installed IPAM Express Freeware to manage  a new IP subnet that is build from a 1 central campus (/22 subnet)  + 4 satellite offices (each with its /24 network). I've added the network subnets to the discovery, but only the subnet that IPAM Express Freeware is on is discovered. The other subnets (that are connected with site to site IPSEC VPNs and no traffic filtering) aren't discovered, even if I change the discovery mode from full to ICMP (and IP addresses that I know on the other subnets are pingable)...

Is IPAM Express Freeware discovery limited to local subnet only?    

Re: Remote networks discovery

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Remote discovery should function so long as the subnet is reachable and specified in your discovery configuration. The discovery status widget from the dashboard should provide an indication if the discovery process is actually running against your intended subnet. 


With IPAM Express you are limited to 2000 IP addresses. With the /22 you should not be in danger of exceeding this, however.

Steve S.
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