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“A Coffee Chat with Cricket” – Boosting Your Cyber Reputation While Minimizing Risk

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Cyber reputation is at the forefront for many companies as work from anywhere continues and ransomware and supply chain attacks continue to dominate the headlines. Organizations are gravitating towards third party audits and security scoring to assess their own risk profile while evaluating the vendors in their supply chain. Further, as attacks continue to evolve, cyber insurance coverage is being sought out to minimize the financial impact and risk from cyber-attacks. Cost of cyber insurance can vary anywhere form low hundred thousand to millions of dollars per year, and insurance companies use security scores as a way to assess risk of applicants. If a company’s security score is high, chance of breach is considered lower, and they can get lower premiums from their cyber insurance company.

In this Coffee Chat, we will discuss how DNS, being in the middle of Internet communications, can be used for minimizing risk from botnet infections, malware propagation, data exfiltration and C&C communications, thereby improving a company’s security score significantly. This higher security score leads to a better company brand image and lower insurance premiums.

Come prepared with your questions as we will spend a significant amount of time answering them.

*Although it's not possible for us to provide “virtual” coffee for this event, all attendees will receive a gift card for a free coffee as a thank you for spending time with us.

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