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“A Coffee Chat with Cricket” – Workplace Transformation for the Modern Enterprise

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Date/Time: Mar. 03 at 10am PST | 1pm EST | 4pm GMT


Many companies are on a journey to modernization, be it accelerating adoption of SaaS, implementing SDN, rolling out IoT or embracing a work from anywhere approach. These transformations take time, and the journey is not without challenges. The underlying infrastructure that companies use should help them to keep control, eliminate dangers of blind spots, simplify multi-cloud deployments and embed security as they expand, modernize and transform.

In this Coffee Chat, Cricket Liu and Krupa Srivatsan will discuss how a foundational network and security base can support traditional networks while building a bridge to transformations, using a hybrid approach.

Come prepared with your questions as we will spend a significant amount of time answering them.

*Although it's not possible for us to provide “virtual” coffee for this event, all attendees will receive a gift card for a free coffee as a thank you for spending time with us.

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