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Apr. 21 @ 10 am PDT | AMS Infoblox Reporting Webinar: Visibility for Hybrid Networking & Security

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Infoblox BloxOne™ Threat Defense leverages DNS for foundational security across the hybrid network. Infoblox Reporting & Analytics (R&A) uses that same DNS to provide summary level and forensic visibility for real-time alerting and monitoring and historical investigation.


Join Infoblox Sr. Product Marketing Managers Bob Rose and Bob Hansmann and Systems Engineer Art Vacca as they explore how Infoblox Reporting & Analytics and BloxOne™ Threat Defense deliver next-level security visibility for infrastructure and data protection and threat mitigation. Learn how to see instantly the domain attacks that impair network response and availability. Automatically detect server malware attacks and frequencies. Uncover malicious DNS queries and tunneling exfiltration activities. Quickly identify infected clients and malicious domains, and gain the advantage of automated visibility for quick root-cause analysis and remediation.


Attendees will learn:
• How to use security dashboards and DNS-integrated reports for optimum visibility of network and security activity
• Automated detection of malicious DNS queries, tunneling, infected clients, domains and more
• How to use query logging for rich context on network endpoints for faster investigation
• About drill-down capabilities for quick access to threat intelligence that can reduce remediation time and speed threat response


Attendees will receive our Reporting & Analytics Sample Report Guide, Deployment Guide, security Dossier Solution Note, and an exceptional gift that keeps giving, special access to our Infoblox Threat Report portal.

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