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Get Automating with Infoblox DDI IPAM and Ansible - Technical Webinar

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We are excited to co-present with RedHat. Sailesh Giri, Product Manager from Infoblox, will speak at the webinar.


Ansible + Infoblox => Better Automation


Ansible Engine 2.5 provides the initial enablement for the Infoblox DDI network services platform, with more to come in the forthcoming Ansible Engine 2.6 release. This webinar provides a detailed how-to for the Infoblox Ansible modules, as well as the associated lookup plugins. This webinar supplements the initial blog post with more detail as well as a live demo from Infoblox and Ansible experts.


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The joint Infoblox and Ansible webinar will cover the following

 An in-depth presentation and a live demo including:

  • An introduction to Infoblox (for the Ansible audience)
  • A review of Ansible playbook coding of Infoblox DDI
  • An introduction to Ansible (for the Infoblox audience)
  • An overview of the Infoblox-Ansible integration
  • A demonstration of the Ansible integration within NIOS
  • An update on the support provided in the newly released Ansible 2.6

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Check out our new Tech docs website for latest documentation on Infoblox products.
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