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New Product Certification and Education Training Tool: Launchpad - Available end of January

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The Infoblox Education Learning Subscription will move from Administrate to Launchpad on January 22, 2024. Training access will be temporarily unavailable January 20-21 as part of this migration.


Launchpad will be the new single source for all Infoblox product training and hands-on labs as well as industry professional certifications. Launchpad offers a superior training experience with new functionality and greater searchability. Customers can expect an intuitive experience where they can easily find the exact training they need for the exact products in their install base, whether they need on-the-go answers or comprehensive instruction with hands-on labs.


Launchpad Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced overall user experience, with Netflix-like homepage displays and user-friendly calendar feature for enrolling in training options
  • Improved searchability features enabling on-the-go answers and detailed view of trainings available by product
  • Enables managers with admin access to see their team’s achievements

Action Required: All users need to do is click "forgot password" upon their first login to Launchpad to create their password for the platform. Instructions will be stated on the login page.


For more information about Launchpad, click here.

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