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Nov. 19 @ 10 am PST | AMS A Hybrid Architecture for Today’s Borderless Networks

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Your network is moving far beyond its traditional borders. It's reaching deep into public clouds and having to support SaaS, roaming devices, BYOD and remote teams. Conventional on-premises security can't keep up. And cloud-only security is incomplete.
The solution? A hybrid security architecture that integrates both worlds.
Join us for this live discussion where we walk you through the advantages of a hybrid security architecture in a cloud-first age. Vadim Pavlov, Senior Product Manager for Infoblox and all around technical guy, is your guide as you learn:
  • The key components of a hybrid security architecture—many of which you already have in place!
  • Important capabilities missing from cloud-only security architectures
  • How to use data in your on-premises infrastructure to anticipate threats and stop them faster
  • Ways that a hybrid architecture can make all of your security investments more effective
Register to attend and Vadim promises you’ll get no marketing bluff, just solid facts.
Who Should Attend: Network administrators, security managers, architects and practitioners who want to simplify security in a cloud-first world while maximizing their on-premises investments.
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