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Oct. 29 @ 10 am GMT | EMEA Branch Office Networking, What, How and Why of BloxOne™ DDI

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The release of BloxOne™ DDI marks a significant advancement for branch office networks. An industry first, it vastly simplifies networking by enabling you to centrally manage DDI from the cloud across hundreds to thousands of remote sites with unprecedented cost efficiency. Remote users can now experience faster response times for their SaaS applications such as Office365.
Join us for this live event and Q&A as we pull the covers off BloxOne DDI and explore its many capabilities and benefits. Attend and learn:
  • How BloxOne DDI works and whether it's the right fit for your particular network
  • How and when to transform your existing DDI deployment—with or without BloxOne DDI
  • Details on Infoblox branch transformation incentive programs
Availability is limited. Sign up today.
Who Should Attend: Existing Infoblox Trinzic customers, as well as those who haven't yet tried Infoblox, who are seeking cost efficient ways to radically improve network experiences in remote and branch locations.
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