Infoblox’s global team of threat hunters uncovers a DNS operation with the ability to bypass traditional security measures and control the Great Firewall of China. Read about “Muddling Meerkat” and the many other threat actors discovered by Infoblox Threat Intel here.

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PODCAST: Breaking Down Domain Takedown Services

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Join us as we look at the powerful, proactive security value of takedown services.  In addition to adding a highly proactive security layer, they may be your only option for addressing threats targeting your customers by impersonating your brand and destroying customer trust. Takedown veterans Gary Brewer and Chris Sills join us to clear the air on what these services are, what they are not, and their potential value in a comprehensive and mature risk management program.


October 17 at 11 am PT on LinkedIn

October 17 at 11 am PT on Facebook

Re: PODCAST: Breaking Down Domain Takedown Services

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Today we are introducing the second actor in this series, Prolific Puma. For four years, maybe longer, Prolific Puma has operated in the shadows, unrecognized by defenders. While we don’t know their origin story, we can detect Prolific Puma through DNS and get a glimpse into their character via their domain name registration choices. What’s in the name? Prolific comes from the simple fact that this is a network that is continually expanding, with new domains registered almost daily. As for Puma, well… we’ll share more about the inspiration later in this paper.

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