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Webinar: 9/22 AMS, 9/23 EMEA, 9/30 APJ, The Role of DDI in SASE Deployments

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● The Role of DDI in SASE Deployments presented by Anthony James and Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research Guest Speaker. 


Registration Links:

AMS region: Sept. 22nd at 10 am PDT | 1 pm EDT
EMEA region: Sept. 23rd at 10 am BST | 11 am CEST | 2:30 pm IST
APJ region: Sept. 30th at 9 am SGT | 11 am AEST | 2 pm NZDT


Edge networking demands are exploding. Yet traditional organizations, legacy networks and processes designed for centralized delivery of basic services are falling short.


Secure Access Service Edge (or SASE), has emerged as the next phase of distributed enterprise networking. SASE brings a fundamental change to the way WANs are deployed and managed by integrating networking and security services, and shifting deployment, administration and control from the underlying hardware to the cloud.

Attend this webinar to learn why a flexible and comprehensive DDI foundation is required to deliver integrated, cloud-managed network and security services that support the demanding expectations of today's borderless businesses.


When you attend you’ll also hear how one such solution—the Infoblox BloxOne Platform—is not only the right DDI foundation for SASE infrastructure, but also utilizes an innovative microservices and container-based architecture to streamline operations, and reduce total cost of ownership, all while hosting an expanding set of robust SaaS-based services to not only meet, but exceed expanding organizational requirements.

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