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Webinar, June 15, 2021: Automating DevOps for Accelerating Software Delivery

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Registration Link:  WW region: Jun. 15 at 11am PDT | 2pm EDT


Glenn Sullivan, Infoblox | Cheryl Razzell, Polystream | Bryan Finster
Moderator: Jayne Groll, DevOps Institute

The DevOps process was created to speed delivery of software by combining the efforts of the development staff with the needs of operations to eliminate redundant work. But it didn’t automatically eliminate all redundancies. By automating much of the DevOps processes, IT leaders are now able to squeeze out even more of the costly and time-consuming efforts to both speed up the business and reduce the impact on the budget. In this session, our expert speakers will discuss how companies can add automation technologies and processes to the DevOps effort without having to disrupt current methodologies or retrain workers. We’ll address the challenges of inserting automation into legacy approaches and offer new ideas for helping your dev teams to handle even more projects.


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