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About DNS Propagation

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Hi All,


Could you explain to my question?

So we have configure Infoblox to manage domain as an external, so people can access the domain by their internet.

when we check on dns propagation website on and, we can see on dnschecker from 25 regional servers there are 7 servers can't resolved and on from 15 servers there are 10 servers can't resolved.

dnscheck NS.jpgdnscheck SOA.jpgdnscheck.jpgdnschecker A.jpgdnschecker NS.jpgdnschecker SOA.jpg


So my questions are why there are several servers can't resolved while other public domain can resolve all.

is there any wrong configuration in our Infoblox? what can we do to make all servers can resolve? is there any impact if all servers can't resolve?


thank you




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