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NetMRI Appliance LAN1 and MGMT interfaces

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Im newbie and setting up the NetMRI appliance to manage our network. Currently the LAN1 = Scan interface and MGMT for gui. Both interfaces are connected to the same steppingstone network, lets say:


When setting up the device, Scan was given .1 and LAN1 .2. When it comes to the default gateway its not possible to fill in the same gateway for both interfaces. Currently its only filled for the MGMT interface.


With the default gateway setup as it is, im concerned that for scan traffic the MGMT interface instead of the LAN1 interface is used as there is no default gateway. The lanport performance graphs does support this. MGMT traffic in/out steady around 1Mb and Scan about 4000bps.


What is the recommendation for setup LAN1, MGMT on IP level, and how to deal def gtw with identical networks?



Re: NetMRI Appliance LAN1 and MGMT interfaces

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As we just have single management network we rolled back. Now using single interface for UI and Scan traffic....

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