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Newbie question: subdomain creation

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Hi ...


Hopefully an easy one. 


I have no problem creating a domain in the zone I selected (i.e., mydomain in zone 


How do I make a subdomain of (i.e.,


So far, I have an alias (www.mydomain) on I'm betting that's not the best way ...



Re: Newbie question: subdomain creation

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Hello, bdemchak


Are you trying to create a subdomain named or an A record named "www" inside the domain


If you create a zone named (by following the same procedure used while created the first domain) it will be automatically placed as a subdomain of (if this one was previously created). 


Check inside the DNS > Zones tab if the "Toogle Hierarquical View" link is being displayed. This can lead you to think that the and are not related subdomains.


If you are trying to create an A record (www) you must access DNS > Zones > Add > Record > A Record and follow the wizard.


Hope this helps.

Paulo Costa

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