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Replacement grid hardware, when/how to apply licenses

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2014     0

Hi - we are replacing our aged Infoblox hardware appliances (all of which are HA paired) with new units (which will likewise be HA paired). We've successfully configured switch ports and cabled the LAN1 and HA ports for each new unit (we could not use the existing cables, because of a need to employ different racks for the new units), and via serial connect performed "set network" to establish the LAN1 IP for each new unit.


However, when we access the web GUI, the setup wizard begins walking us through the process of adding the new units to the grid; yet in the instructions in KB #2896, it says:



It is VERY important that you install licenses on your hardware BEFORE attempting the hardware swap



Is this applicable in my situation?  I'm not doing a hardware swap - instead, I want to add a series of HA pairs to the existing grid; but the "Adding Grid Members" instructions (e.g., at doesn't describe when to license the boxes either.


So in our situation, when and how do we apply the licenses?  And, I presume we only need to apply the Grid license before adding the HA pair to the grid, and will be able later to add service licenses as needed?


Thank you!

Re: Replacement grid hardware, when/how to apply licenses

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2015     0

If these appliances are brand new and never been licensed, you should be able to a 'set temp_license' to get going and then add permanent licenses afterwards.


Hope this helps.



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