Infoblox’s global team of threat hunters uncovers a DNS operation with the ability to bypass traditional security measures and control the Great Firewall of China. Read about “Muddling Meerkat” and the many other threat actors discovered by Infoblox Threat Intel here.


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Integration with McAfee Web Gateway. Quick Start Guide & Demo Video.
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Infoblox, a leader in DNS security, together with McAfee, a device-to-cloud cybersecurity leader, can now help organizations bridge the gap between security tools and enable workflow orchestration across solutions. 

Leveraging DNS as the first line of defense, this partnership provide enhanced protection against attacks, help to identify malicious behavior and enforce content policies.

Using McAfee's cybersecurity suite allows further inspection of traffic, more granular policies for content filtering and orchestration of workflows for automated remediation.

The integration unifies domain blocking and HTTP security to provide broader protection for mutual customers. 


The attached quick start guide will guide you how to configure integration ActiveTrust Cloud with McAfee Web Gateway (on-prem) and McAfee Web Gateway Cloud (on-prem)


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