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Permissions for Discovery Diagnostic (network insight)

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Hi @all,


we are running Infoblox IPAM with Network Insight (NIOS 8.3.6). We have a couple of roles with dedicated permissions for the tasks the admins has to do. Now I want to allow my IPAM admins to do a "Discovery diagnostic" for the switches but I do not know which permissions they need for this task.  I tried a lot of permission but was not able to find the correct one. At the moment the role has the following permissions.




Unfortunately that is not enough because the tasks are greyed out:




Which permissions do I have to add to the role to enable the discovery tools for our IPAM admins?


Thanks in advance



Re: Permissions for Discovery Diagnostic (network insight)

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Hi Volker,


Based on NIOS Admin Guide, Discovery Diagnostics can only be launched by Superusers. Please find the relevant portion from the Admin Guide below: 


Superusers can initiate and control discovery on all networks. Some discovery functions require superuser permissions


  • Grid Discovery properties
  • Uploading, Viewing and deletion of device support bundles
  • Launching Discovery Diagnostics
  • Launching Discovery Status





Vishnu Nair

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