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Infoblox NIOS Outbound API Integration with PAN Firewall – Deployment Guide & Templates
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We are excited to bring you the latest integration with Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall.


Infoblox provides PAN with IPAM data that contain IP addresses, and PAN applies security policies on groups of these IPs. This integration is built with the Infoblox Outbound REST API.


In addition to all the functionality provided in the previous version here, these templates add a handful of extra features for Dynamic Address Groups:


  1. More IPAM object support
    • You can now sync network and network container objects to the PAN firewall.
  2. Discovery & vDiscovery support
    • You can now sync discovered devices to the PAN firewall.

In the attached documents you will find the templates for the PAN Firewall integration in JSON format. The templates are provided “as-is” and should be tested in your lab environment and modified as needed before implementing them into production.


Find the deployment guide here.

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