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Announcing BloxOne™ Threat Defense:Strengthen and Optimize Your Security Posture from the Foundation

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Infoblox Inc. is excited to announce the launch of BloxOne™ Threat Defense, the industry’s first hybrid solution that provides pervasive protection and leverages DNS for foundational security. It enables customers to protect their traditional networks and digital transformations like SD-WAN, IoT, and cloud. It also allows customers to respond to threats faster by allowing them to share threat data with the rest of the security Ecosystem including SOAR tools, thereby strengthening both  Data Protection and Malware Mitigation and Threat Containment and Operations solutions.

You can read the press release about BloxOne Threat Defense here.


Benefits to customers include::

  • Secure existing networks and digital transformations: Secure existing networks and digital transformations like SD-WAN, IoT, and cloud.
  • Block data exfiltration: Detect and block DNS-based data exfiltration, DGA, DNSMessenger, and fast-flux attacks using analytics and machine learning
  • Detect and block malware activity: Block malicious communications to C&Cs, prevent malware from propagating
  • Use web content categorization and web access policy enforcement: Restrict users from accessing specific categories of web content and review content activity
  • Automate incident response: Reduce time to remediation by up-to two-thirds and respond to threats faster by first blocking them and then sending event data to the rest of your ecosystem using public APIs or on-premises integrations
  • Get Data Access via S3 Bucket: Export your activity logs to Amazon S3 buckets and easily use your data in common formats (CSV, JSON, and CEF)
  • Accelerate threat investigation and hunting: Automatically lookup threat data from dozens of sources for faster investigation, making threat analysts 3 times more effective
  • Enhance visibility: Get precise visibility and rich network context including IPAM and asset metadata about your network devices for better correlation of events


BloxOne Threat Defense Architecture:




Infoblox makes it easy and automatic to share data between different security tools, resulting in a single pane of glass visibility, elimination of silos, reduction in remediation time and improved ROI for existing IT and security investments.



With BloxOne Threat Defense, you get the industry’s first hybrid security solution that strengthens and optimizes your security posture from the foundation. Advantages of hybrid architecture include:




Analytics in the cloud: BloxOne Threat Defense allows customers to leverage great processing capabilities of the cloud to detect a wider range of threats and enforce it anywhere to protect HQ, datacenter, remote offices, and roaming users.


Threat Intelligence scaling: Infoblox aggregates data from own its research and third-party intelligence providers, which organizations can apply enforce policies anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud without making large investments in additional security appliances.


Powerful integrations with Ecosystem: Hybrid model enables full integration with Infoblox and third-party security technologies, enabling network-wide remediation and improved ROI from existing investments.


Remote survivability and resiliency: In case of disruption in internet connectivity, the on-premises Infoblox security components will continue to protect devices in the network.


Learn more about BloxOne Threat Defense here.

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