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Announcing NIOS 8.5.1 Release

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Infoblox Inc. is glad to announce the new features included in the NIOS 8.5.1 release. Infoblox continuously invests in NIOS so our customers can deploy the most robust, secure and cost-effective DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management services. As part of this commitment, this point release includes two notable updates—DNS Flag Day 2020 support and Service Provider High-Performance Query Logging. This release follows our February 11, 2020 NIOS 8.5 release that contained some important new capabilities including:


  • Enabling the Borderless Enterprise: vNIOS for Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV), Cisco Meraki SD-WAN discovery, and Terraform DNS & IPAM support
  • Customer-led Solutions: 50+ NIOS enhancements
  • Migrating to the Cloud: NIOS Grid Connector and Docker containerized architecture
  • Expanded Service Provider Enhancements: Containerized IPAM plugin for Red Hat OSP and scalable installer image for IB-FLEX


The NIOS 8.5.1 release includes support for:

  • DNS Flag Day 2020

IP fragmentation of large DNS messages can cause transmission failure, unreliability, and security risks. To help solve this problem, NIOS exposes two default settings: 1) the maximum size of a UDP datagram a recursive DNS server can accept; and 2) the maximum data amount an authoritative DNS server will put into a UDP-based DNS message. On Flag Day 2020 (targeted for the Fall), DNS community members will reduce the size of UDP-based DNS messages, and NIOS will be ready to help customers minimize DNS fragmentation and improve reliability and security.


  • Service Provider High-Performance Query Logging

While traditional query and response logging provides a valuable source of data for both security and operational analysis, this can add significantly more I/O load to DNS servers in service provider environments, negatively affecting the subscriber experience. This latest version of NIOS includes high-speed query logging through dnstap–a fast, lightweight protocol enabling service providers to gain valuable DNS server and data insights without a significant performance tradeoff. High-speed query logging gives service providers even greater visibility and insight into their DNS while retaining the optimal ultra-low latency they expect.


The advantages and benefits of NIOS 8.5/8.5.1 are described further in the DNS Flag Day 2020 datasheet, NIOS 8.5/8.5.1 Solution Note, Infoblox website updates, and social media blogs. The details behind these and other improvements can also be found in the NIOS 8.5/8.5.1 release notes. For more information, contact your Sales Account Team, email, or visit

Re: Announcing NIOS 8.5.1 Release

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Posts: 321
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