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 Infoblox Community,


The Infoblox NIOS Product and Engineering teams have continued the development of our flagship platform and are proud to announce the latest release of NIOS. With NIOS 9.0.1 (GA August 21, 2023), Infoblox launches the new purpose-built Trinzic X6 Platform Appliances that deliver all the capabilities that customers need to see, secure, analyze and manage on-premises and hybrid, multi-cloud networks.


Infoblox’s Trinzic X6 hardware and software appliances run on NIOS 9 or higher and improve:

  • Performance: Delivering up to 50% better DNS and DHCP performance over prior models and improving performance of Network Insight and Reporting and Analytics.
  • Capability: Including cost-saving NIOS 9.0.1 Trinzic X6 “sitewide” licenses such as Cloud Platform API, DNS Firewall (RPZ) and DNS Traffic Control along with multiple power supply options.
  • Simplification: Improving operational efficiency and delivering cost savings with fewer models optimized for physical, private and public cloud networks including running DNS/DHCP Grid, network discovery or reporting on a single Trinzic X6 model.


The Infoblox Trinzic X6 platform offers a range of models to meet today’s business needs and scale for the future. It provides flexible choices to manage existing critical network services and hosts X5 or X6 software subscriptions to provide investment protection. The new appliance capabilities are described in the Trinzic X6 Enterprise DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) Appliances datasheet.



Channel Partner Highlights: Infoblox’s new Trinzic X6 platform increases revenue opportunities through improved hardware, converting X5 perpetual to X6 subscription licenses and enabling professional services. It opens doors to new conversations around cloud migration, enterprise security, network uptime and user experience while building trusted advisor relationships. It also promotes loyalty through competitive product differentiation. By providing better performance, more capabilities and simplifying appliances for easier management, Trinzic X6 empowers channel partners to optimize services for customers with hybrid, multi-cloud networks.


NIOS 9.0.1 and Trinzic X6 Product Information:


Infoblox Datasheet


Infoblox Solution Note


Infoblox Release Notes


Infoblox Thought Leadership Blogs


Infoblox Website Pages


If you are interested to learn more about the latest Infoblox NIOS enhancements, visit NIOS 8.x/9.x on or contact your Infoblox Account Manager or Solution Architect.


Best regards,


Bob Rose

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Infoblox NIOS DDI Product & Strategy

M: +1 360.584.8360 |




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Hi Bob,  

I went through the FAQ but I am a little confused. 


The X5 series getting EOL is the same 1405, 1415, 1425 appliances? Does the "X5" means 14X5?

We do have IB-1425 appliances, however in the list of affected SKU's there is no "IB" appliances.  Here is the list:

Is it TE-1425 the same as IB-1425? What is the difference between TE and IB? 

Sorry for the silly questions, I just could not find the answer on my own.


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