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Deploying Microservices? Download the Certified Infoblox IPAM Plugin from the Docker Store

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Many organizations are increasingly deploying apps and microservices using Docker container technology to simplify configurations, increase productivity, and shorten deployment times.  But while containers’ value often focuses on speed, agility, and automation, the underlying network aspects with common tasks like IP address provisioning and de-provisioning often cannot handle the dynamic and rapidly changing container environment. That was until the Infoblox IPAM for Docker became available. 


Get the Infoblox IPAM Plugin from the Docker Store


As an existing Infoblox DDI customer, you can visit the Docker Store and download the Docker certified Infoblox IPAM plug-in free of charge.  Infoblox IPAM is a great solution to maintain consistency across a very dynamic, multi-host environment.  The plug-in deals with IP address network creation by automatically assigning and tracking new microservices – and for those of you who never like to clean up, when deletions occur in Docker, Infoblox will automatically clean up the IP addresses for you. 


John Belamaric, a Distinguished Architect for Infoblox, posted two great blogs on Docker and the Infoblox plug-in:


There are some other great assets deals with Docker and Infoblox. 

  • Documentation on how to install and configure the plug-in
  • Demo video highlighting the integration with Infoblox and Docker
  • Solution note on improving agility in Docker deployments


As an existing Infoblox DDI customer, the Docker plug-in is just another way to extends the value of our industry-leading DDI solution to microservices to increase control, security, and automation.


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