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Infoblox IPAM Driver for Kubernetes

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In our sales communication on NIOS 8.3, we did not mention a feature that could be important to customers using IPAM in cloud environments. While not a component of the release, NIOS 8.3 supports a Kubernetes plug-in. This plug-in connects a Kubernetes cluster to NIOS enabling management of IP addresses for containers, through Kubernetes.

Kubernetes is a popular open source orchestration tool that manages containers. It eliminates the manual processes associated with deployment and scaling of containerized applications. The CNI IPAM plug-in for Kubernetes automates IP address management for the pods and containers deployed by Kubernetes through NIOS. This plug-in also supports all key network drivers such as bridge, ipvlan, macvlan.


The relationship of NIOS, Kubernetes, the Common Network Interface (CNI), the node (VM or physical machine) and the plug-in is shown below:




The plug-in currently supports:

  • Kubernetes: 1.9.4
  • CNI: 0.6.0
  • NIOS: 8.1 and above

The plug-in can be downloaded from GitHub and our support portal. An Infoblox customer can login to, go to Downloads and retrieve it.


The Kubernetes plug-in is Github community supported. Infoblox will support NIOS issues associated with the plug-in.


You can read more about the installation and configuration of CNI-IPAM Driver on Kubernetes here .



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