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We never really got this solved. Support basically said that the cache cleanup ...
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I have the same issue, LDAP works but I can not map remote admin group to a gro...
My question is related to the same, however lets say there is already a DHCP ra...
Please double check, I just clicked and it sent me to the correct page. Try usi...
you should just use a string, not an array in the network field: network=>"" network=> "192.168.*" etc.
The features are also backwards compatable. E.g NIOS 7.0 supports all WAPI vers...
Would also like the link to download this please Thanks! David
We're fast coming up on 2 years and, as far as I can tell, a corrected version of the BDK was never released. What gives? Scott
Helped me also to setup my perl environment under windows 7. Thanks!
Trying to get a DHCP address, and my DHCP server requires a reservation. Could someone please let me know the MAC address of the IPAM Express VM? Thanks.

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