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Aug 23, 2018
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The TTL belongs to the host object, it does not belong to the host address sub-object.
Thanks, this works great! Do you know how I can set the Unlimited Lease Time fi...
You can use this sort of script if you want to access the API via Perl but do n...
This is a skeleton Perl script to help you access the REST API via Perl and an ...
Great work Brad here is how to generate an issue $easy->broker->issue_adh...
Hello, The CCS "archive" function will send the output to multiple files (1 for...
Hello, I find it useful to create a network and then export it using the "Expor...
Dec 30, 2013
Don posted a great Powershell script here . Mainly search and get routines, but should be a building block for a create routine. Looks like simply modifying the $uri variable to be a well formed REST call would meet your needs. Brad

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