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Please start a new thread and give me some more details, I have a few different ideas
Hi Dave, What I want to be able to do is reference the name of a device against...
Joe and team, I know this doesn't help in the script example, but I'd want to m...
Hi Joe, I'd recommend opening a support case for this so that it can be tracked and addressed properly. A code change will likely be needed. Thanks, - Chris
That was a help. I had seen that list in the Admin guide, but it didn't click u...
Sif, how to I connect to those devices in the list in the script? I know how to...
Marty, A prompt is expected after the copy command is invoked, one that we want...
Hi Mike and John, Thanks a ton for your help. You actually saved me lots of hou...
You can try api_version => auto Sif