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Nice bog you have written
Facing the same issue here, and I agree that it's not very convenient... One so...
I was refering to benifit #5 from the article: Enables dynamic inventory source for Ansible That matches with the Ansible documentation
For future use "python3 -V" instead of changing the alias
That login sequence is the same as on other AireOS controllers such as the 5508...
Sif is correct. We may need to open an RFE to add such a flag to the Script. Ho...
Please open a case with Support. Make sure you collect the following details: 1...
We eventually managed to solve our case. But it needed some special stuff to ge...
For you information. I've "open sourced" this here:
Do you have a new device vendor or type under management? If so, it could be with the device support for that device - maybe it's not closing sessions properly.

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