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Hi All, Am also facing the same issue to change the password for juniper devices, did anyone got the solution for this , please reply. Regards, Midhun P.K
HI Susan, How r u . Am trying to push the password changing configuration from ...
This is a very old thread, you should have started a new one with a link to this one. Why not use a Config Template, I see nothing glaring in your script, I would open a Case with Support
Hi Dave, What I want to be able to do is reference the name of a device against...
Do you have a new device vendor or type under management? If so, it could be with the device support for that device - maybe it's not closing sessions properly.
As I mentioned, I'm on 6.9.4, so it doesn't help me much. And it looks like I h...
To answer the original question... Yes, there is a way to make NetMRI obscure t...
Try making the Trigger-Template look like this: AAA ... BBB the ... should equate to "one or more lines" (note, not zero or more). Thanks, - Chris
You're welcome. I'm glad it worked. In your situation, it was the large number ...
Hi, I'm honestly not sure why a "Y" is being displayed at the command-prompt fo...