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REST (Web API/API) sample files for NIOS

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Sample code for using the WAPI (NIOS Web API) in Perl. WAPI is a RESTful-style API. 

Please see Getting Started with the Infoblox Web API (WAPI) for more info on this code.



Re: REST (Web API/API) sample files for NIOS

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Your link to the Getting Started...  doesn't work anymore

Re: REST (Web API/API) sample files for NIOS

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Please double check, I just clicked and it sent me to the correct page.  Try using the search box at the top of the page and type in WAPI.  You'll find quite a few posts, some of which are also "solved."  There are also a number of folks on the site with a rank/icon next to their username.  "Employee" and "Authority" are among the many options.  If you find a particular user posting relevant content that answers your questions, click on their username and then click "follow user" to see what they are posting.  Hope that helps!



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