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Top 10 Security Blogs from Infoblox Experts Community

Defending against cyber attacks from bad actors is easier said than done. While many areas need protection, Infoblox has been heads-down spreading the message about how to protect the DNS, which has become an increasingly popular attack vector for bad actors.


We have been writing about DNS security for a while now. I thought it would be good to have a look at our all top blogs that have been immensely useful to our community in understanding the threat and get pointers for defending their DNS.


The top 10 list is created based on the web traffic from February 1 to July 31, 2018.  We have considered the blogs from Community Blog, Security Blog, and Company Blog.


#10 - 4 Best Practices for Core Network Infrastructure Protection

In this blog, the author discusses four best practices to protect your core network. Today’s networks are complex and diverse. It is extremely critical to gain visibility across physical, virtual, and cloud components to know what’s on the network and where it is located. Visibility is the first step in protecting your core network infrastructure.  Protecting your network infrastructure means protecting all critical elements in a network such as servers, storage, DNS/DHCP services, and the DMZ from experiencing the downtime.


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#9 - Tales from the Trenches: Finding a Better Way to Share Threat Intelligence


Penned by our CEO, Jesper Anderson, this blog takes the #9 spot in the top list and comes from our Company blog. In this blog, Jesper shares his thoughts regarding sharing the threat intelligence. Global spend on cybersecurity products is expected to exceed $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021, as companies continue to invest in new technologies to combat increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks and augment their security posture. However, the number of cyber threats is growing even faster, and breaches continue to happen.


It’s time for the cybersecurity community to make a sincere commitment to threat intelligence sharing and create an industry standard to enable the timely sharing of information across both the public and private sector.


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#8 - SaaS DNS security: Are you protected?

Another top 10 blog from the Company Blog, this blog discusses important differences between SaaS DNS security and a holistic security approach, which is advocated by Infoblox with its ActiveTrust Anywhere.  While there are certain advantages rendered by SaaS-only security, it is essential to understand the complete picture regarding on-prem security, SaaS security, and hybrid.


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#7 - Do I Need Both DNS Firewall and Next Generation Firewall?


Originally published in our Security blog, the blog author discusses a fundamental question in the minds of many infosec professionals - is there a need for a separate DNS firewall when you have the Next Generation Firewall.  Here is a spoiler alert - the answer is yes. But, you do want to know why you need a separate DNS firewall and why the Next Generation Firewall is fundamentally not designed to protect you against DNS-based cyber attacks.


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#6 - DNS based DDoS Attacks- What’s in a Name?


One of our most popular blogs about DNS security, this blog walks you through six different types of DDoS attacks that can be launched against Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  In addition to describing the attack type, the author identifies the impact as well.


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#5 - Infoblox-Cisco integrations will make you a Networking and Security superhero


A great news and an opportunity are cited in this blog that can make you smile if you are using both Infoblox and Cisco. You now have more opportunities to integrate them together to get the benefit of automation, data sharing, and enhanced security from cyber attacks by combining the power of Infoblox and Cisco networking and security products.


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#4 - Understanding NXDOMAIN Attack Methods


Our Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Srikrupa (Krupa) Srivatsan, gives us a glimpse of how NXDOMAIN attacks are conducted and what the mitigation strategies should be used in this popular blog.


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#3 - Configuring Blacklist Domains in DNS Infoblox


Written by Paolo Costa, an expert from the community, this blog gives us a technical overview and step-by-step instructions on how to configure blacklist domains in Infoblox DNS UI.


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#2 - Analysis of Popular DNS Tunneling Tools (Premium)

Taking a hands-on approach, the author of this blog demonstrates how to set up a DNS tunneling tool, DNS2TCP. He further explains how DNS tunneling works and how to analyze network traffic patterns/behaviors.


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#1 - DNS Data Exfiltration - How it works (Premium)


Our most popular blog in the last six months, this blog narrates how DNS tunneling enables exfiltration of data from inside the network, even though your network has advanced firewalls blocking traffic on most network ports such as HTTP and HTTPS.


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