Difficulty in importing fixed address

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Hello guys!


I'm having a hard time importing fixed address into Infoblox.


Every time when importing the records in .csv to become fixed address it enters with type reservation.


Here's an example of how I'm importing:



The application informs that it imports successfully, but the record type comes as a reservation and it appears that it can not read the Mac Address entered.



Re: Difficulty in importing fixed address

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The difference between a Fixed Address and Reservation ultimately boils down to the MAC address. A MAC address of all zeros has historically been used as a place holder. Any objects with a MAC address of all zeros will be treated as a Reservation. If you want it to display as a Fixed Address, you will (ideally) want to specify a valid MAC address. Even changing just one digit (00:00:00:00:00:01) will allow this to work as you are asking, but the behavior will be the same and there is no benefit to forcing this.




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