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Migrate DHCP to Infoblox with no previous DHCP Server (dhcp set on Cisco core box at each site)

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Im looking to see what the best path forward is for migrating our current DHCP solution to Infoblox. As of now, we already use Infoblox for DNS but we want to also begin leveraging DHCP and eventually IPAM. As of today, we normally configure the DHCP scopes on a core MDF box at each of our locations. We do not use any other DHCP servers in our network. What is the best way to perform this migration? Researching the topic shows the primary two ways are the Import Wizard (which assumes there is a previous/pre-existing DHCP Server somewhere that I can export a file and then import it into the wizard, which there is not) and/or the CSV Import method which I believe is our best route. Looking for opinions. And if the CSV option is the only way, then where is the dhcp csv template? Im having trouble finding one. I've seen one for DNS but not sure what the format is for DHCP. 


Thanks all. 




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