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selfhosted dns - dynamic ip - glue or not!!

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Hi, I have a question about self hosting my dns server. I have one home server, one host only, which has a dynamic ip. I have a subdomain aaa.noip.com (from noip), with an A record automatically updatable via some ddns client. I have a 2nd level domain bbb.tk (from freenom). Freenom has an API but only available to resellers, there's no easy updating for the ip, so instead I just had a CNAME here pointing to aaa.noip.com. All works but being unhappy with the limited dns support from both noip and freenom, I want to run my own dns at home. Ideally, I would be able to store all kind of dns records for my bbb.tk domain (the 2nd level domain I have from freenom). Now, I learned the basics about dns, I do understand some details but I feel I am missing some other bits of knowledge.

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