Config Search to identify switchports set to a vlan range

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My goal is condense VLAN IDs in a portion of my network from many to 1, I expect the way to at least identify the cisco switch ports in VLAN 230-240 for example would be a config search in a predefined device group in NETMRI. I am not sure of the syntax that would get me the data that would include the interface statement.  In my limited knowledge of grep, I could possibly grep for the access vlan 2xx statement and expand my window by 2 to get the interface.  If I get at least that I could extract and do a search and replace with my new vlan.  Anybody who can help me with the best way to get this accomplished all in infoblox NETMRI since I have a significant amout of switches that need the update.  If you have a better way to accomplish my task and create the change file all in infoblox I would appreciate the assist.

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