vDiscovery aws error

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I've setup vDiscovery in a few accounts/regions and running successfully in AWS. One account/region specifically is having an error that I can't quite figure out, any ideas? I had thought to check subnets/vpc tags for weird values but didn't find anything.


Error during processing discovery data : invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

Re: vDiscovery aws error

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A vDiscovery job retrieves information about virtual entities in cloud environments that are managed through CMPs such as VMware, OpenStack, and AWS. You must first select a member to run the vDiscovery job. To ensure that the job is executed properly, verify the connection between the discovering member and the discovered endpoint. If you select HTTPS as the protocol for communication, you must upload either an SSL CA (Certified Authority) certificate or a self-signed SSL certificate to the Grid. For information about how to upload a certificate, see Managing Certificates.


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