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A sample outbound template to send syslog messages (to a syslog endpoint)

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The template logs variables into the debug log and send a simple syslog message to an endpoint.

	"name": "Send syslog",
	"comment": "Send Syslog message",
	"type": "SYSLOG_EVENT",
	"version": "5.0",
	"action_type": "Send syslog",
	"content_type": "application/json",
	"vendor_identifier": "Syslog",
	"quoting": "XML",
	"steps": [
			"name": "Debug",
			"operation": "NOP",
			"body": "${XC:DEBUG:{H:}}${XC:DEBUG:{E:}}${XC:DEBUG:{I:}}${XC:DEBUG:{L:}}${XC:DEBUG:{S:}}${XC:DEBUG:{P:}}${XC:DEBUG:{R:}}${XC:DEBUG:{RH:}}${XC:DEBUG:{UT:}}"
			"name": "Send Syslog",
			"operation": "SYSLOG_SEND_EVENT",
			"body": "${E::event_type} ${E::object_type} ${E::operation_type}"






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