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Convert infoblox-client call to requests

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I have some python code that can get A records, or CNAMES or PTR records that uses the infoblox-client, I would like to convert it to use the requests module but I am having trouble with the get request. Here is what I have for the infoblox-client:

connection has been defined already

rec_type = 'a'
search_field = 'name:~'
search_val = 'example'
kwargs = {
    'return_fields': [
    'max_results': 4096,
= connection.get_object('record:' + rec_type, {search_field: search_val}, **kwargs)
This works fine, how do I convert this to use the requests module? I have tried:
params = {
    search_field: search_val,
        'name, default',
    'max_results': 4096,
response = requests.get(my_url + 'record:a'params=params, verify=False, auth=('infoblox, 'infoblox'))
but I get an error when I try to get more than 1 return field, I tried it as a list but that didn't seem to work either, I get a 400 returned.
Thank you!
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