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Filtering Lookalike Domains with API

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I am looking to query a lookalike domains and filter on a specific custom domain.  However, when I use the API, I either get all results or a synatx error. How can I use the a filter with Lookalike domains.


For instance using curl, I want to get a list of all the lookalike domains for


If I use the below request (excluding the token), I get a very large set that includes all of my watched and custom lookalike domains successfully.


curl --location --request GET ''



But if I want to narrow the results down to, 

curl --location --request GET ''


I get the error 

{"error":[{"message":"Unexpected token"}]}


I've tried with Postman and also with quotes and I always get some kind of error. I can use other parameters successfully such as _limit and _fields. It is just the _filter that causes an issue.


Does anyone have a valid filter I can use with Lookalike domains?

Re: Filtering Lookalike Domains with API

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Here' an exapmle URL for you:''


the lookalike_domains call you used appears to be designed to provide the overall list, if you want details on something specific, you would want to use the lookalikes target instead.

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