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Infoblox DDI API - Pagination

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I am a bit rusty with APIs, and I am attempting to retrieve all the IPAM addresses under 

GET /ipam/address. I am struggling with retrieving more than 1000 records.

In the API documentation, it states I can pass a parameter using "_page_token."

I attempted to do this by adding to my curl request


But that doesn't work I still recieve the same 1000 records and I don't seem to recieve a id or token in the response.

Any help would be great!

Re: Infoblox DDI API - Pagination

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This is a function I wrote for infoblox networks to get around pagination


def get_infoblox_networks(conn, max_results=950): # iblox sets the max result per page as 1000 so set it at 950 to be safe.
Fetch all networks from an Infoblox instance with pagination.
networks = []
page_id = None

while True:
params = {
'_paging': 1,
'_max_results': max_results,
'_return_as_object': 1,
'_return_fields': 'network,comment,extattrs'

if page_id:
params['_page_id'] = page_id

response = conn.get_object('network', params)

if not response:

page_id = response[0].get('_next_page_id', None)

if not page_id:

return networks

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