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Member object is empty

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I know I'm missing something.


I'm trying to get node_info from grid members via WAPI, but I'm stuck with an empty list of members.  My credentials for the API are valid, and I can get various top-level info like grid, and even "member:dns", but calling https://grid_master/wapi/v2.11.2/member just keeps giving me an empty set.  What could I be missing?

Re: Member object is empty

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Try this




If that fails are you an admin, or have some restrictions?

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Re: Member object is empty

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Just encourtered this myself. This would be due to changes made from NIOS 8.5.2 and onwards:

The default password must be changed before using WAPI or even logging into the GUI. If provisioning in AWS this can be done with user-data:


Notice behaviour before changing the default password (at least CURL gives a hint at what is wrong):

curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET "https://appliance-ip/wapi/v2.12/member"                   

* Default password is not allowed   *
* Please reset the password from UI *

Compared with after:

curl -k -u admin:Infoblox1! -X GET "https://appliance-ip/wapi/v2.12/member"                   

        "_ref": "member/b25lLnZpcnR1YWxfbm9kZSQw:infoblox.localdomain",
        "config_addr_type": "IPV4",
        "host_name": "infoblox.localdomain",
        "platform": "VNIOS",
        "service_type_configuration": "ALL_V4"
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