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Ansible - network_container error

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Hi All


I'm trying to add a new network to a class B using Ansible.


I already have configured as a network


However when i run this code


- hosts: nios
  connection: local
    - name: create a network infoblox
        networkaddr: "{{ lookup('nios_next_network','', cidr=24, provider=infoblox_vars) }}"

I get this error

TASK [create a network infoblox] **************************************************************************************************************************
task path: /home/rich/playbooks/infoblox/infoblox1-new-subnet.yml:5
fatal: []: FAILED! => {
    "msg": "An unhandled exception occurred while running the lookup plugin 'nios_next_network'. Error was a <class 'ansible.errors.AnsibleError'>, original message: unable to find network-container object"
	to retry, use: --limit @/home/rich/playbooks/infoblox/infoblox1-new-subnet.retry

Many thanks in advance for anyone assistance.



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